About Us

Provent is a training initiative developed by Quovus. Quovus was founded by a group of Australian clinicians whose experience originates from serving the needs of people with complex support needs across many sectors of Human Service. The team has many years of practical, hands-on experience in the development of proactive and reactive systems designed to support behaviour intervention, and specifically minimise and manage behavioural crisis in the workplace. (quovus.com.au)


The Quovus team has extensive experience in working with services providing assistance for people with high and complex support needs, involving: intellectual and developmental disabilities, dual diagnosis, offending behaviour and challenging behaviour. Supporting the development of robust risk management and safety frameworks with our partners is a key aspect of practice. Our priority is the delivery of support services characterised by intelligent, made-to-measure programs that provide accessible solutions to the working challenges of our partners.


The Provent training initiative emerged from a recognition that families, clinicians and field support staff require practical and clear direction on the most appropriate and therapeutically aligned manner to respond to challenging behaviour while protecting all involved from the risk of injury. Provent training is unique in that it offers a strong context or philosophy for intervention matched against current legislation and evidence based practice, while also being a short accessible course. Provent is designed to be an essential skills and knowledge focused course that sits within a broader context of training and induction for field workers within the human services sector. Provent offers a training experience that delivers a certificate of attainment, along with content access to support revision and refresher sessions as needed.

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