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Some of us like to think.. We were born ‘ready’! Unfortunately in the context of our actual life we are often unprepared for the demands of our role working with people with high or complex needs. This is a reality for many reasons .. in the main it is important to acknowledge that many of the situations and experiences we have are exceptional in that they are very different to that held by most people in the population. Readiness is not a natural state.. it requires training and coaching to build skills and confidence.

Provent is a innovative course that has been specifically designed to shape the knowledge and experience of participants to improve their readiness! One of the critical tasks in the course deals with the process of assessing our preferred ‘natural’ way of responding to crisis situations where physical management might be demanded. This is such an important understanding that we can develop that will build our insights into who we are under pressure , and what skills or supports we need to develop to thrive.