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This year, Australia reached an important milestone several years in the making; we now have the highest number of individuals across the nation receiving support services through the NDIS, in-home and accommodation services, community-based programs, and specialised education support services. While this remains a positive step forward for our community, the requirements around managing outcomes as well as the safety and wellbeing of those involved have never been greater.

With care provision breaking away from generalised settings into more individualised and personal arrangements, participants and their families are seeking reassurance from providers that any challenging behaviours and risks associated with them can be managed confidently and efficiently. The face of behaviour management needs to extend beyond simple risk management, and instead feature a highly dignified, professional, and effective response that is versatile across any setting or environment.

Training programs such as Provent have been supporting organisations and individuals to broaden their understanding of behaviour as a means of communication and equip providers with the skills to build strong relationships with clients that acknowledge challenging behaviour without it defining them. As we continue to see growing numbers of people receiving support, it will be paramount that the reputation of carers to safely navigate any arising challenges along the way meets and exceeds expectations, ensuring better outcomes and wellbeing for all.