Skills that support ALL carers

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One of the critical challenges for the care sector is finding the optimal model for intervention that is able to be applied and replicated by All carers. Just as all people receiving care come in all shapes and sizes so do those providing support. For this reason it is critical that we offer training and a philosophy of intervention that acknowledges the flexibility required to accommodate many situational and carer variables. It is simply a reality that what one person can implement with ease may not be able to be replicated by the next carer.

Provent has been specifically designed with this in reality mind. From a practical stand point every carer who places themselves in a direct support role needs to know not only the support guidelines for their client BUT they also need to have a clear awareness and strategy to manage themselves in the case of a situation requiring protective management or evasive action. This is both a personal investment and one critical consideration for the provider agency. Provent provides practical guidelines on both the personal and professional considerations of each worker. The course offers information of a significant depth so is very useful as a resource to return to.