The “Runner” Technique

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 One of the cornerstone teachings in the Provent course is the suggestion that those providing support consider The “Runner” Technique when they anticipate the setting events building and a person they are working with becoming distressed. What is the Runner Technique?... I hear you ask…


Put simply it suggests that you consider the possibility that you and your presence maybe contributing to the client distress, and that by removing yourself you are likely to assist the person to deescalate. It is interesting that in the field of human services it is often very difficult to get carers or professionals to withdraw. Perhaps it is because as a group we are motivated to ‘help’ and place ourselves at the center of the intervention. As part of the Provent principles we include a key consideration around how our presence might be shaping the client experience. It is important to remember we have a high level of potential impact on how a situation might play out simply by managing our own behavior!