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Being confronted with challenging behaviour can be personally difficult and psychologically and physically demanding in any context that we may find ourselves.

However, this can be particularly acute when it occurs in either our homes or workplaces as our capacity to avoid particular circumstances is likely to be very limited or even inappropriate given our obligations and responsibilities in these contexts.

Dealing with challenging behaviour can impact dramatically on our health and welfare if it is not managed appropriately. Provent can help participants to proactively expand their skills in managing these complex and demanding situations.

Provent is about taking an objective and practical look at what is actually going on when incidents occur, understanding both our own and others behaviour, and being preventative and planned in our responses.

Provent assists in developing people’s knowledge, skills and confidence in their capacity to recognise, prevent and negotiate difficult situations and environments.

Provent has been specifically developed to meet the needs of participants in a practical and interactive way.

The innovative course design supports you to:

Gain knowledge about behavioural issues
Identify hazards and risks in your environment
Develop appropriate ways to proactively manage risk
Apply practical risk management systems
Recognise the obligations and responsibilities of your role
Discover your personal response profile
Explore a range of physical management strategies (protective behaviours)
Creative solutions to make your job easier
Create a safe and stress free work environment
Achieve control of challenging situations
Sustain a positive quality of life

Getting involved with the PROVENT ONLINE course allows you to:

  • Work through the content at your own pace and in your own context

  • Undertake assessment and receive feedback on your participation

  • Receive support and assistance from online training officers

  • Obtain a training qualification in risk management

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