Incident Management Quick Guide

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When things go wrong it usually happens quickly… or at least it feels that way. In direct care provision roles we are constantly seeking to offer our clients support that meets their needs while also assisting to teach skills and open the door to new challenges. As much as many of us work alone we are inevitably part of a care team that are able to share information and ‘best / agreed practice’. Despite and actually often because of this dynamic, we are not always able to be mindful of our client’s subtle changes or the variations in experience that occur over time.

Care based incidents occur frequently … Fortunately significant incidents don’t. Provent is focused on ensuring that everyone approaching the carer role has appropriate practice knowledge to manage a crisis scenario to the best outcome. Provent does not back away from showing practical strategies to ensure carers are able to protect their client and themselves during incidents. One of the key benefits of the Provent course has been participant confidence gained, along with the ability for the videos to be shared and reviewed by teams over time.